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Saigon Exhibition Convention Center
Publish:Shenzhen Feyond Technology CO.,LTD  Time:2019-08-15


胡志明西贡会展中心Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center





胡志明西贡会展中心Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center


Ho Chi Minh Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center

The Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center (SECC) is located in Fumeixing New City, only 15 minutes from downtown Ho Chi Minh and 30 minutes from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The SECC is able to meet the requirements of large-scale public and trade exhibitions, corporate meetings and professional events in domestic and international practice. The SECC will include four indoor pavilions totaling 40,000 square meters, 15,000 additional outdoor exhibition space - 20,000 square meters, a 12,000-seat conference center, a high-rise office building, and two international standard hotels (one of four stars) , 600 rooms and one of the 5 stars, 400 rooms). In the first phase of construction, there is a 9000 square meter pillarless pavilion, 6000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area, as well as conference halls, conference rooms, cafes and restaurants.






Shenzhen Feiyang Jiexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Feiyang Jiexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that monitors white light board, camera infrared board, road subsidy white light, road subsidy infrared lamp, dot matrix infrared lamp board, etc. It has complete and scientific quality. Management system. The integrity, strength and quality of the Feiyang Electronic Business Department of the Pacific Security Communications Market in Futian District, Shenzhen have been recognized by the industry. Shenzhen Feiyang Jiexin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a processing enterprise specializing in SMT patch, BGA, power professional patch, LED lamp strip, plug-in, post-welding, assembly and electronic product production. Product processing in strict accordance with ISO9000 quality system standards, quality leadership, quality service style, safe and reliable anti-static system, to ensure that the customer‘s quality of production meets the requirements. The company‘s business objectives are: "Quality first-class, quality service, ISO9001: 2000 standard management, customer satisfaction" and constantly absorb the advanced welding technology at home and abroad, excellence, the spirit of pursuing perfection, to meet domestic and foreign electronic products


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The exhibition is a good time to discover new customers and maintain old customers. Since the establishment of the brand, Feiyang has been continuously strengthening exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, and using domestic and international exhibitions to create more cooperation opportunities.


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Feiyang Jiexin Exhibition Center





I wish you dear colleagues a fruitful, full order! I wish you all a lot of rewards and full of rewards!



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